domingo, julio 29, 2007

Supporting Actress Smackdown: 1988

The last Sunday of the month is here, and so is Stinkylulu with another fantastic Supporting Actress Smackdown, in which I had the great pleasure to participate once again.

1988 wasn't a brilliant year for movies ("Rain Man" won, what else do I need to say?) but the Academy managed to assemble a perfectly decent bunch of nominees for the Supporting Actress category, with, maybe, the sole exception of the eventual winner. And not only that, but they also managed to leave a big bunch of actresses unnominated, most famously the great Diane Venora in "Bird".

My heart goes with Sigourney Weaver here: I think she was the most deserving winner in terms of the performance alone, as you'll read in my contribution over at the smackdown. I would have been happy with McDormand, Pfeiffer or Cusack winning too, but having Davis win was certainly too much.

The performance aside, I would have loved to see a Weaver win also because she was a double nominee that night and because (apparently) she'll never have a chance to win again. She's given worthy performances regularly, but the Academy never notices, which is both weird and unfair. Let's see how she fares over at the smackdown.

An interesting piece of trivia: all of the five Supporting Actress nominees belonged to Best Picture nominees (has this ever happened before or after 1988?).

Enjoy it!

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